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After sale service

Our company adhering to the good credibility,good quality,excellent  service quality, customer first service concept.
According to the tenet of our company, we promise to offer before-sales & after-sales services asfollows after contracts have been sighed:

1.  We offer an one-year warranty period.If the quantity, quality or standards of goodsare inconsistent with the bid or the defect are confirmed during the Time of warranty,youshould inform us as soon as possible in writing form and we guarantee to compensatein time.

2.  We will provide the relative technical information and documents.

3.  We have the comprehensive installation equipment for D I Pipes and a great deal of experience in field installation,capable of dealing with accidents at worksite.  

4.  After one year of installation,a professional engineer will be sent to pay a return visitfor the operation of the pipes.  

5.  We will send personnels to worksite or missing goods to designated location as soonas we get noticed if there is product shortage or quality problems.We also take the responsibility to fix or replace goods,providing services and testing equipment for free in case of Quality Objection.

6.  If there are quality problems in the first test run year,our after-sales personnel will be there to help in time.We agree that your company reserves the right for further claim if the accident was caused by the quality problem of our pipes.

Welcome to contact us at any time if you have any opinions or suggestion about our products or services.
Thank you for your support to our company.