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puddle flange

Product Name:puddle flange

Product Details:
Name:DCI fitting puddle flange 
Standard:ISO 2531,EN545,EN598,AWWA C110,AWWA C153 
Joint:socket or flanged

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Name:                           DCI fitting puddle flange 
Standard:                      ISO 2531,EN545, EN598, AWWA C110, AWWA C153 
Joint:                            socket or flanged
Flange:                         ISO7005-2 or BS 4504
Blots and nuts:              Hot dip galvanized Grade 4.8 or 6.8,  or stainless steel SS304 or SS316.
Pressure:                      PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40
Thickness:                    K12 (flange branch is K14)
Internal coating:           cement mortar lining according to ISO4179;  fusion bounded epoxy coating ,
with thickness 250um.
Outside coating:       zinc plus bitumen(or epoxy) coating(70um) according to ISO8179, or fusion bounded epoxy coating , with thickness 250um.
Packing:                        wooden box or pallet;
Size:                              DN80-DN2600;
Color:                            black, red, or others
Material:                       ductile iron
Tensile strength:           ≥420N/mm2
Yield strength:               ≥300N/mm2
Elongation:                    ≥5
Hardness:                     ≤250HB
Rubber gaskets:           SBR/NBR/EPDM according to ISO4633;
Inspection:                    SGS, BV, TUV, Lliyd’s
Delivery:                        break bulk, or container;
Production procedure:  Lost foam technology.