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fire hydrants

Product Name:fire hydrants

Product Details:

Name:Fire hydrant 
1.Feature and Advantage
(1)Original appearance design
(2)Engineering grade reflective film
(3)45# Chrome plating steel anticorrosive processed

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Name:  Fire hydrant
1.Feature and Advantage
(1) Original appearance design
(2) Engineering grade reflective film
(3) 45# Chrome plating steel anticorrosive processed
(4) Ultraviolet-proof red painting
(6) Ensure no leakage 
Ability of stabilized pressure: when pressure of water inlet is 1.2MPa,the outlet pressure is 0.3MPa~1.0MPa
They are all approval by International Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, quality ensured ,safety &reliable, a very good choice for customers.
3.Technicial Specification of Landing fire hydrant

Type Landing/Anti-knock Landing/ Anti-theft Landing/anti-knock and Anti-theft Decompress and stabilized -press Underground  
Model SS100/65-1.6 SS150/80-1.6 SS100/65-1.6A SSFDZW100/65-1.6 SA100/65-1.6 SA150/80-1.6  
Nominal Diameter (mm) DN100 DN150 DN100 DN100 DN100 DN150  
Height (mm) 50 55 50 50 50 55  
Nominal running pressure (MPa) 1.6  
Intensity test pressure (MPa) 2.4  
Application Water ore foam solution